Police in Portland to delete massive database of known violent gang members because 81% of them were black… so it’s “racist” to keep track

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One of the main problems with the left’s insistence on becoming a politically correct society (other than the obvious fact that it’s often frustrating and annoying) is that it requires us to surrender the truth in the process. To give just one example out of the thousands that actually exist, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) in the state of Oregon is ready to begin the process of deleting its gang database because of the fact that most gang members are ethnic minorities. And of course, any system that links minorities to gangs is racist… or something… right?

According to The Oregonian, starting in October, the Portland Police Bureau will give into mounting pressure from the local community by officially putting an end to its 20-year-old practice of designating criminals as gang members.

The outrage from the left began when a local reporter by the name of Carli Brosseau obtained a copy of the gang database last year and revealed that 81 percent of the 359 “criminal gang affiliates” in Portland were racial minorities. Apparently, the idea that these minorities might actually deserve to have their names lumped into a police database because of the crimes that they committed is something we’re all just supposed to ignore. (Related: Here is a list of the ten delusional demands of political correctness that you are required to accept.)

Naturally, authorities in Portland are doing their best to pretend that the deletion of the database is not at all influenced by race and political correctness. “Gang violence isn’t going to go away,” argued Capt. Mike Krantz, one of the biggest supporters of the move. “There are still crimes attributed to known gang sets. There are still criminal gang members. That doesn’t go away because we don’t have a gang designation. We’re not pretending gang violence doesn’t exist. We’re just taking this one thing away.”

Krantz is correct in that gang violence won’t go away just because a gang database doesn’t exist. But the part that he conveniently left out in the midst of his rather pathetic attempt to defend the Portland Police Bureau is the fact that removing the database will inevitably make it more difficult to keep track of gang members and the crimes they commit. Criminal databases don’t just exist because law enforcement agents enjoy scrolling through long lists of names on their free time; they exist for a purpose, and that is to further ensure the safety of the citizens they pledged to protect.

One law enforcement expert has spoken out against the decision to delete the database, arguing that it is just an attempt to hide the fact that there is an obvious demographic pattern in American crime statistics. “Violent street crime in the U.S. is almost exclusively a province of blacks and Hispanics,” Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute told LifeZette.

Mac Donald went on to correctly point out how “the left denies the reality of violent street crime because it interferes with its narrative that police and racism are the biggest threats facing blacks today.” (Related: Political correctness is just herd psychology pushed by insecure people who seek conformity.)

Indeed, just like virtually everything else that liberals do, the decision to delete the gang database in Portland was one hundred percent political. Leftists in Oregon and elsewhere desperately try to hide the fact that, statistically speaking, minorities do commit the majority of the violent crime in this country. But, as Heather Mac Donald mentioned in her interview with LifeZette, to acknowledge this fact would be to discredit their ongoing narrative that systemic racism exists within the criminal justice system, and that the only reason why there are so many minorities in prison is because of their skin color.

Political correctness is the enemy of the truth. It is time that we the people take a stand against it once and for all before we lose ourselves entirely.

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